GEEKWIRE - With ‘Pulse’ lube warming and dispensing device, Seattle startup aims to shake up bedroom technology

posted 2018 Aug by

"Most entrepreneurs don’t look to the bedroom as a place ripe for disruption. But Toaster Labs, a new startup out of Seattle, thinks there’s one underserved need that represents a big opportunity.

In October, the company began taking pre-orders for its flagship product Pulse. It’s a motion-sensor lubricant warmer and dispenser that works with Pulse Pods, the company’s brand of personal lube. The lubricants are hypoallergenic and FDA approved.

With the push of a button, Pulse will begin warming the lube for several minutes, indicating its ready with a light. A motion sensor detects when there’s a hand ready to catch the lubricant and then Pulse will dispense a single-serving amount. The device uses a patent-pending induction heat process that works exclusively with the Pulse Pods."

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