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By Anka Radakovich

Lube is good. It makes things go in easier, it feels good, and recent studies have shown that using lubricants with condoms makes having sex with condoms feel sooo much better. 

But when you're in the heat of the moment, searching for the bottle of lube can be awkward. That's why its good to have lube all ready to go, at the touch of your finger. Enter "The Pulse warming dispenser. This sexy little sex machine is like having a Nespresso pod dispenser in your bedroom.

It works by dropping Nespresso-like "Pulse Pod" lubricants into the dispenser, which heats it up, and which feels amazing. The pods contains two types of Pulse Pod lubricants (H2oH and Aloe-aah) and a wonderful silky smooth massage oil called "SpOlL Me." Adding heat to the muscles helps relax them, and studies have shown that adding warmth to the clitoris causes blood to rush to the area, which results in a faster orgasm. Who wouldn't want that? It's perfect; be lazy and let the machine do some of the foreplay work.

SpOIL Me is a 100% hypoallergenic, unscented massage oil that combines six luxurious oils for a superior lubing experience.  This stuff is great for some good old fashioned massage action, which almost always leads to more action. (Unless the person getting massaged likes it so much they fall asleep). Made-up of Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rice Bran Extract, and Vitamin E, this stuff brings the luxury of a spa experience into your boom boom room.

Founder and CEO of Pulse Amy Buckalter, a former executive/girlboss at  Nike, K2 Sports, and Burton Snowboards, created the company when she couldn't find the lubricants she really wanted. "I found lubricant to be so lacking," she says. The ones she was using "were sticky and dried out fast, didn't moisturize," and irritated her lady business. Plus, "they were full of questionable ingredients," she says. "Who wants petrochemicals and parabens in their hoo-ha?"

The Pulse warmer makes an usually thoughtful Valentines Day gift, a nice wedding gift that nobody else would think of giving, but would be appreciated, and a Mother's Day gift for women "over 50" who want to keep having fun (and squishy) sex for the rest of their lives.

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Anka Radakovich is Certified Sexologist, Relationship Therapist, and couple’s Advice Columnist for Follow her on twitter at @ankarad



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