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posted 2018 Aug by

"The most ingenious (and least asked for) consumer sex innovation comes from Pulse: the lube warming device that looks like an Apple appliance and works like a lube warming device. The automatic dispenser comes with two Pulse-brand lubricants—one water-based, the other silicone-based—which you can swap out for your specific needs. You insert the tiny canister, close the lid, and a small throbbing light indicates when it's ready to go. When you're ready to go, you lower your hand underneath the spout and receive, upon motion sensor, the perfect amount of lube.

If you've never experienced the unique ecstasy that is warm lubricant, do yourself a favor and purchase the Pulse. (It will surely fit in with whatever design-forward nightstandscape you're sporting.) If you have experienced it before, you know there's no sexy way to do it. Dunking your KY Jelly in a warm glass of water takes too long. Nuking a small bowl in the microwave before coitus will heat your lube but cool your mood. The Pulse saves time, is a mind-blowing experience to use, and looks great."

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