Pulse™ Brings the Heat to “Bedroom Tech” This Holiday Season

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SEATTLE, WA—December 6, 2016— Stuck on what to get your significant other this year? Deciding between another piece of jewelry, a new sweater or even a very impersonal gift card? Show them you’re thinking about ALL of their needs this holiday season with the gift of Pulse™.

Pulse is the latest innovation to hit the market and it’s heating up the scene just in time for the rising demand for bedroom technology. Pulse, with multiple patent pending technologies, is the first ever high-tech, touchless, preheating, and dispensing system for personal care formulations and is debuting with personal lubricant. Created with a best in class team of product development experts including the co-founder and lead inventor of Clarisonic and top engineers from MIT and Berkeley, Pulse transforms and dramatically improves your lubricant experience for the first time in over 100 years.

An Indiana University Study found that 65 percent of women have used lubricant to make sex more comfortable, more pleasurable, or both, and the makers of Pulse are committed to completely modernizing the entire user experience. Gone are the days of fumbling with sticky tubes and bottles, dreading the chill when the moment is hot, or suffering the embarrassment of dispensing too much or too little at a time. Pulse provides an elegant solution to each of those problems… and more! Pulse is a device and consumables dispensing system (Pulse and Pulse Pods) that delivers warmed personal lubricant via a simple hand gesture and in measured servings, for more control, less mess, and easy accessibility. If you have ever dreamed of having your personal lubricant be a warmly welcomed addition to your cozy two-some, rather than simply a frustrating necessity, then your wish is coming true this holiday season.

 Pulse Pods for the bedroom introduces with Aloe-Ahh, its own proprietary silicone-based personal lubricant (with aloe and vitamin E) and then follows in the spring of 2017 with H2Oh!, an all-natural water-based personal lubricant (with chia), and then massage oil in the summer. Pulse's silky and proven safe lubricants, housed in Pulse Pods, are FDA cleared, hypoallergenic, and paraben free. Within minutes and with one simple-and-smooth motion of the hand, Pulse dispenses your warmed luxurious lubricant without interruption - all you need to do is focus on the heat of the moment.

Pulse is discreet enough to place on a bedside table, rather than be hidden away in a drawer. The sleek, modern device features a Mood Light with six color options to enhance the ambience of any occasion; colors include soft Linen (white), Sunrise (red), Sunset (magenta), Ocean (blue), Meadow (green), and Candle (yellow).

The stylish and luxe Pulse package retails for $249 and includes the Pulse warming dispenser, four Pulse Pods, and a power cord. Pulse Pod refills can be purchased in packages of six with each refill package retailing for $25. For more information, head over to www.lovemypulse.com. Pulse products are now available.  

Toaster Labs Inc., an emerging Seattle-based company, is revolutionizing the consumer experience in personal care with the launch of Pulse™. Developed by CEO and founder Amy Buckalter and a team of renowned health, wellness, and product development experts, this patent-pending technology introduces warming and touch-free dispensing of personal care formulations—an exciting innovation and the first of its kind. Pulse, the warmth you deserve.



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