Pulse™ Introduces Natural Water-Based Lubricant H2Oh! for Valentine’s – Pulse®

Pulse™ Introduces Natural Water-Based Lubricant H2Oh! for Valentine’s Day

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Pulse™ Introduces Natural Water-Based Lubricant H2Oh! for Valentine’s Day


SEATTLE, WA—January 31, 2017— Pulse™, the first ever high-tech, touchless, preheating, and dispensing system for personal care formulations, is debuting H2Oh!, a new personal lubricant, in time for Valentine’s Day. Who needs Cupid to spice up your love life when you could turn to the hottest trend in bedroom tech? Pulse will now bring to the bedroom the Ahh with their Aloe-Ahh lubricant and the Oh! with their H2Oh! lubricant.

H2Oh! is an all-natural, water-based formula. It contains pure chia extract, an ingredient known for its supreme hydrating properties and gives a naturally slick sensation. Pulse’s other proprietary personal lubricant is Aloe-Ahh, a silicone-based formula with nourishing aloe and vitamin E. Pulse's silky and proven safe lubricants, housed in Pulse Pods, are FDA cleared, hypoallergenic, and paraben free.

Pulse is a device and consumables dispensing system (Pulse and Pulse Pods) that delivers warmed personal lubricant via a simple hand gesture and in measured servings, for more control, less mess, and easy accessibility. It allows you to focus on the heat of the moment.

Pulse is discreet enough to place on a bedside table, rather than be hidden away in a drawer. The sleek, modern device features a Mood Light with six color options to enhance the ambience of any occasion; colors include soft Linen (white), Sunrise (red), Sunset (magenta), Ocean (blue), Meadow (green), and Candle (yellow).

The stylish and luxe Pulse package retails for $249 and includes the Pulse warming dispenser, four Pulse Pods, and a power cord. Pulse Pod refills can be purchased in packages of six with each refill package retailing for $25. For more information, head over to www.lovemypulse.com.



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Toaster Labs Inc., an emerging Seattle-based company, is revolutionizing the consumer experience in personal care with the launch of Pulse™. Developed by CEO and founder Amy Buckalter and a team of renowned health, wellness, and product development experts, this patents-pending technology introduces warming and touch-free dispensing of personal care formulations—an exciting innovation and the first of its kind. Pulse, the warmth you deserve


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