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"Put the “ooh and ahh” back in the bedroom with this nifty little piece of technology. CEO and founder of Pulse, Amy Buckalter was going through the difficult changes brought upon by menopause. Not only was it affecting her hormonal state, but it also affected her sexuality. Amy had trouble trying to find a good lubricant that was not sticky or too thick and jelly like, she even disliked what the obstetrician and gynaecologist used. Finally, she had a moment of inspiration and determination. Amy was to give birth to an idea that would help all women and men, with the added bonus of bringing luxury to the bedroom. Inspired by a Nespresso coffee machine, Amy speculated the idea of making pods for lubricants. She noticed the Nespresso capsules were stylish, clean and convenient. After 4 years of hard work in product development and enduring frustrating setbacks, her baby ‘Pulse’ was born. Pulse is the first warming lubricant dispenser, which has revolutionized the means of distributing lubricant from inconveniently manual and time consuming tubes; which proves to be quite messy."

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