Toaster Labs Inc., Proudly Announces the Launch of Pulse™ – Pulse®

Toaster Labs Inc., Proudly Announces the Launch of Pulse™

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Toaster Labs Inc. Proudly Announces the Launch of Pulse™, a Revolutionary Touchless Dispenser That Preheats Personal Lubricant

SEATTLE—October 5, 2016—Seattle-based Toaster Labs Inc. proudly announces the launch of Pulse™, a groundbreaking, touchless, preheating, and dispensing system for personal care formulations. Pulse will debut in the bedroom with personal lubricants. With one simple and smooth motion of the hand, Pulse’s sophisticated state-of-the-art technology engages the dispensing mechanism and begins to warm up Pulse’s innovative new lubricants in about five minutes. Pulse is the first system of its kind in the personal care space: Completely hands-free, this brilliantly engineered device and the FDA cleared lubricants will transform your most intimate moments with a delightfully warm experience.

Pulse is discreet enough to place on a bedside table, rather than store away in a drawer. The sleek, modern device features a Mood Light with six color options to enhance the ambience of any occasion; colors include soft Linen (white), Sunrise (red), Sunset (magenta), Ocean (blue), Meadow (green), and Candle (yellow).

Included in Pulse’s cube shaped package are four innovative patent pending 6.7 ml Pulse Pods containing two no-paraben, FDA cleared personal lubricant formulas, H2Oh! and Aloe-ahh, made specifically for use with the Pulse warming dispenser. Developed with the careful guidance of a physician, the formulations include ingredients known to have cushioning and healing properties. H2Oh! is a natural water-based formula made with chia extract and plant cellulose, which gives a naturally silky slick feel and a hydrating effect. Aloe-ahh, a silicone-based formula, is infused with the deep moisturizing elements of aloe and vitamin E to provide an extra-soothing touch.

All Pulse lubricants are FDA cleared and tested to be safe and hypoallergenic. There are no harmful ingredients that manufacture a chemical warming sensation; the Pulse warmer heats the lubricant filled Pulse Pods inductively and chemical free. The travel-friendly, lipstick-size Pulse Pods can also be dispensed manually. Pulse Pods are unlike all other personal lubricants and, in line with environmental sensitivity, are recyclable.

“Our dedicated team of pros includes medical and naturopathic physicians, designers, and product development experts; MIT, Berkeley, and University of Washington-trained mechanical and electrical engineers including the co-founder of Clarisonic. We have all worked tirelessly to produce a one-of-a-kind product that we feel will fill a tremendous void in the market”, says Amy Buckalter, Pulse CEO and founder. “Pulse is the first product ever designed to modernize and dramatically improve the entire lubricant experience to meet and exceed consumer expectations. No longer will women and men have to settle for archaically messy and cold tubes or bottles of personal lubricants. They will now have delightfully warm and silky lubricants uniquely dispensed with the touchless pass of a hand.”

The sophisticated and easy-to-store Pulse package retails for $249 and includes the Pulse warming dispenser, four Pulse Pods (two water-based H2Oh! and two silicone Aloe-ahh), and a power cord. Pulse Pod refills can be purchased in packages of 6 for either H2Oh! or Aloe-ahh; each refill package retails for $25. For more information head over to Pulse products will be available for pre-order at the end of October.

Toaster Labs Inc., an emerging Seattle-based company, is revolutionizing the consumer experience in personal care with its launch of Pulse™ in October 2016. Developed by CEO and founder Amy Buckalter and a team of renowned health, wellness, and product development experts, this patent-pending technology introduces warming and touch-free dispensing of personal care formulations—an exciting innovation and the first of its kind.  


For more information or to request a sample, please contact Kayla Zoleta at or call (212) 620-0356, ext. 208.



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