4 Fascinating Reasons Why People Love Lubricants

Lube is a pleasure-enhancing tool for many people during sex or while going solo. 

It allows people to have an amazing time with their partners during their intimate moments by making things more comfortable and maybe intensifying the sensations. 


Rubbing lubes on some sensitive areas of the body may get people aroused immediately.. 

In this article, we’re going to cover 4 fascinating reasons why people love using lubricants. 

  • Lubes can make foreplay a lot more enjoyable

  • Foreplay involves kissing, hugging, fondling, massaging, undressing, kissing, petting, and performing oral sex.

    Lube is an excellent way to set the mood during foreplay. It plays a major part in getting you in the mood for any action between the sheets. 

    By applying a small amount of lube to sensitive areas, it creates extra lubrication which promotes arousal and desire.  In fact, the act of applying the lube is part of the pleasure experience too.. 

    Cxplore your own and/or your partner's sensitive areas or areas that make you feel good. 

  • Lubes allow things to continue for longer periods. Is this true?  Haven’t heard this.

  • People love lubes because it can give them a longer and more passionate sexy time with their partners. 

    Kissing, oral sex, and touching each other's genitals can keep you busy for longer. 

    Some people say they like quickies; others say nothing beats lengthy, heated, and cozy intimate moments. 

    Lube creates sexual arousal in both parties. The arousal that lubes creates in a man can also help him stay erect, making sex feel more enjoyable and last longer. 

    It's no surprise people love lube because it makes intimate moments last longer, feel more comfortable and create a lot more fun.

  • Lubes make sex more comfortable

  • Painful friction during sex can be a result of vaginal dryness. It can make sex painful and uncomfortable and may even go as far as causing vaginal tears which may increase the chances of STIs. 

    Lubes make sex safer and reduce the chances of painful intercourse. 

    In addition, using lubes with condoms makes it hard for the condoms to break. Is this true?. This is because lube reduces the friction that can lead to condom breakage. 

  • Lubes create room for sexual exploration and adventures

  • People love lubes because it allows them to explore new things while getting down in the bedroom or anywhere else they like.

    One example could be anal sex. 

    The anus, unlike the vagina, does not create its natural lubrication.

    Lube can be applied during foreplay for anal intercourse, or while using anal sex toys for a more pleasant overall experience.

    Final thoughts:

    Everyone can use lubes to have mind-blowing sex. 

    No matter the reason, lube is the way to go. 

    If you haven't started using lubes, we recommend checking out Pulse products to spark some new excitement in your sex life.

    Please feel free to comment below or contact us via email, and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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