5 Little-Known Ways Lubricants Benefit Your Sex Life

Sure, sex is fun… But it can be made more fun with lubricants! Even though you produce natural lubrication, adding additional lubricants heightens enjoyment for both partners.

Don't know how lubricants benefit your sex life yet?

We've got you covered! This article covers five benefits of lube that people wish they discovered sooner and why using lubricant is the missing piece to a better and healthier sex life.

  1.  Lubricants reduce the chances of injury during sex - During sex, accidents can happen. This is more likely to happen when the body struggles to produce its own lubrication. Other accidents during sex may be because of vaginal dryness, the use of contraceptives and so on. Trying to have sex when your body fails to produce natural lubrication can lead to skin tears which can be incredibly painful. Using lubricants during sex can prevent injury and make your lovemaking feel as easy and fun as a slip n' slide.
  2. Lubricants can enhance pleasure - Sex is fun and pleasurable but what if it could be more pleasurable? Lubes don't have to be used only when things are dry "downstairs." Using lubes even when things are normal can enhance pleasure and give you feelings of comfort and warmth during intimate moments. According to a 2009 Indiana University study, of 2453 women, over 70% reported that lube made sex more enjoyable and fun. 
  3. Lubricants make sex safer - Worried out about having safe sex? Lube's got you covered. Using lube during sex also makes it hard for the condoms to fall off, increasing protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Some condoms are pre-lubricated, but adding a little bit more makes the condom very hard to break and also makes sex slippery and more enjoyable. However, always check to make sure your lube is safe to use with the condoms. Always read the lubrication's instructions to see if it's compatible with condoms. In this case, the best lubes to use are water-based lubes and silicone-based lubes.
  4. Lubricants make foreplay more fun - Foreplay creates sexual excitement and brings you closer to your partner. Lube is just the thing you need to get things started before getting into "it." Set the environment with some relaxing music and put on the mood lighting from our warmer, warm up your lube with our dispenser and work your way around your partner's body. Use your hands to explore each other's body. Lubes can also be used for setting the mood. 
  5. Lubricants make it easier to orgasm - According to a study from Indiana University's center, lube has a 50% chance of making people orgasm. Want to orgasm while shaking sheets? Get some lube! Using lube helps the two of you maintain the steady rhythm some women need to reach climax. The extra stimulation that lubes bring can help the two of you to reach climax! 

Final thoughts:

It is important to know that using lube doesn't mean there's something wrong with you or your partner. Using lubricant only makes intimacy more fun and pleasurable. Lube is one of the best things to use to improve your bedroom actions and make it long-lasting!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact us via email, and we will answer your questions as completely and quickly as we can.

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