5 Reasons You Need Lube Now...

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why you need lubricant

A really smart writer for a prominent psych magazine once asked readers do the following exercise; feel free to follow suit:

    1. Close your mouth and dry your lips.
    2. Run a finger over them, noticing the rough surface.
    3. Now, lick your lips.
    4. Run that same finger over wet lips.
Feel the difference?

    Moisture makes things slick and easy (which is why good lip-gloss will never go out of style). Good lube does the same thing…and unlike saliva, it doesn’t dry on contact, nor require unsavory maneuvers, like spitting into your hand. 

    Here’s what else good lube can do:

    It makes mincemeat of menopause
    Estrogen, the hormone responsible for lubricating the vagina with a thin, clear wall of fluid that keeps everything juicy, grinds to a halt during menopause, leaving one out of every three women dry as a desert down there. Which means things don’t slide in and out very easily…and that can hurt. A lot. A little lube and you’re back in business.

    It keeps things going
    When your head says more and your body’s not cooperating, lube becomes the Energizer bunny of the moisture world.

    It gives condoms a break—not!
    Friction is good, but when there’s too much of it, there’s also the potential for breakage…and whether you’re trying to prevent STDs or pregnancies, that’s a bad thing.

    It comes in “handy”
    Solo sex often requires a little something-something extra to get you there, like a slick hand that glides with the greatest of ease; or a finger that’s lubricious enough to float effortlessly over your body.

    It can open the backdoor
    No beating around the bush: When anal sex is on the menu, lubricant becomes a best friend, making way for a much more comfortable and satisfying experience.


    Hillary Quinn is a national lifestyle writer, whose work has appeared in many magazines, newspapers, and websites, including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, and Brides




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