Here's Why Pulse is the Warmer to Pick

The Pulse design is kind of genius.

Remember when you ran out and got yourself a Nespresso? Super-convenient, right? Well, Pulse was designed to be kind of like that for lube, with interchangeable types of lube and massage oil. Plus, we wanted to make sure you and your swimsuit bits stay safe, so we made sure it was a closed system, which means the formulations never sits in any warm, moist places, where bacteria might grow.

As opposed to an open system, which is essentially pouring your lube from one container into another, where it’s then warmed, and dispensed, kind of like those automatic kitchen soap dispensers. That’s basically like a bacteria sex party waiting to happen! Because nothing makes bacteria hornier than open air and a moist, dark place.

The formulation is never compromised

Healthy lube is all about keeping the formulation completely pure and hygienic until it hits your palm. Pulse’s pods use airless pump technology — like a high-end beauty product — and the lubrication is warmed from within via an electromagnetic connection. So the Pulse itself stays clean, too. Which is not only safer, but here’s a bonus: it saves you the hassle of cleaning your lube warmer. Plus, the Pulse is touchless — aka, an automatic lube dispenser. All you have to do is swipe your hand, and get the heated lube in your palm.

It’s quick. Bye, cold lube. Hello, warm lube.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: cold lube totally interrupts the moment. But instead of the classic fumble for a tube o’ lube, imagine a Pulse resting elegantly on your nightstand. Maybe you weren’t anticipating the current love sesh — but no worries; the Pulse heats up quickly (and frankly, is a sleek-looking, modern piece of technology that looks fabulous with all other bedroom decor). Plus, if you have inquisitive kids who like to get into things — or pets with wily tails — the Pulse has a convenient little lock mechanism.

Ultimately, here’s what we want to impress upon you: Your 👏 personal 👏 lubricant 👏 needs 👏  to 👏 be 👏 hygienic, y’all. You do not want germs all up in your grill. And when we say grill, we’re talking about your GENITALS. Those are some incredibly sensitive mucous membranes, that are particularly susceptible to infection — and we take your health and safety seriously. Ok? Ok.

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