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It's Time for a Personal Lubricant Revolution  

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Hello Nespresso and Keurig…goodbye drip coffee pots and percolators

Hiya iPhones and smart phones…see ya pay phones, dial-up, and pagers

Hey there Sonicare toothbrushes…so long to manual brushing and a shoddy cleaning performance

Howdy Amazon… farewell, to fighting traffic to buy what I want

Each of these wildly successful product innovations was born out of a desire to create something better - and each has dramatically improved our lives; made them more convenient, more effective, more efficient, and yes, much more enjoyable. They are called disruptive innovations because they disrupt existing markets and replace established products and categories with a new and better way of doing something.


With that in mind, the need for a dramatically improved experience was the motivation behind the development of Pulse; a new disruptive innovation in personal care with a big vision to transform and improve our experience with using personal lubricants and other “goops” such as lotions, oils, creams, etc. that we happily consume during our daily rituals.

Whether we’re talking about our personal lubes, baby lotions, skincare creams, massage oils, cosmetics, or a plethora of other personal care and beauty formulations packaged in tubes and bottles, the user experience is utterly inferior filled with a multitude of annoying and unpleasant issues; the messiness, lack of portion control when dispensing, dirty-sticky container surfaces, crusting around the rim harboring germs and bacteria, and shockingly cold feeling when warmth would be highly preferable – more soothing and effective for application.

While embarking on my journey through menopause, as so many women, I started enduring the use of personal lubricants to ease the discomfort of dryness. Rife with all the issues described above, the personal lubricant experience was anything but pleasurable, and more like just plain awful and archaic. With every use, I wondered why in this day and age, with sexual wellness a mainstream red-hot topic, did we not have a more contemporary and healthy solution for meeting our personal lube needs; it was still just an inconvenient, cold and messy, unhygienic tube or bottle. With more than 65% of all women between 18-70 using a personal lubricant to either relieve discomfort or enhance their intimate moments, it was indeed time for a change to dramatically improve the entire experience.   And so, we did…

Pulse is the world’s first chic modern solution for elevating consumers’ experience when using personal care formulations. Debuting first in the bedroom to transform intimacy and the personal lubricant experience, Pulse is a stunning combination of Apple-like stylish design with intuitive functionality and a convenient device and consumable system (think Nespresso and Keurig). Pulse is engineered with clean dispensing technology, to eliminate mess and bacteria, and temperature control technology to safely warm your lubricants (no toxic warming chemicals) so to soothe and relax your tissues.  No more fumbling with opening / closing of tubes and bottles; needing only the motion of your hand to request dispensing, Pulse will touchlessly deliver warm, clean servings of product in precise amounts so no mess, no over-pours, and no spills.

Paired with Pulse are “Pulse Pods”, just like Nespresso capsules of coffee are paired to use with its Nespresso brewing machine. More similar to your cosmetics, as tubes of lipstick rather than pharmaceutical looking tubes, Pulse Pods are stylish, design savvy, and discreet. They include airless pump technology, as do high end cosmetics, so to eliminate contamination that can cause bacteria… and we know what nasty “things” bacteria might lead to! The beauty of Pulse Pods is that they can also be used on their own and dispensed manually when you want to take your personal lubricants when traveling or on-the-go. But, when used with your Pulse, there’s nothing quite like its convenience and elegance. Set Pulse’s mood light to one of six desired colors, tap the power button to engage warming and dispensing functions, and when the pulsing light turns solid to indicate your Pod is fully warmed, you’re ready for uninterrupted pleasure. On your request, you’ll receive clean and warmed lubricant in precise amounts without ever having to be distracted by fumbling around in a drawer, wondering what germs are harboring on the surface or around the rim, and then be subjected to buzz kill cold when the moment is hot. We’ve even added intuitive technology to let you know when you have one dose left in a Pod, your Pod is empty and it’s time to change it out, and when you have your Pulse placed in locked mode so no one can engage dispensing or warming.

And we didn’t stop with the invention of our Pulse warming dispenser and Pulse Pods when we committed ourselves to truly elevating your personal lubricant experience. Since we wanted to create a complete end-to-end superior solution, we were compelled to develop our own personal lubricants. We did so because nothing, and I mean nothing, in the market met our high-quality standards. We set our benchmark at needing to meet the following criteria: FDA cleared, use of only non-toxic ingredients of the finest grade, a silky and not sticky feel, fragrance free for no irritation, pH balanced, extremely hydrating with an incredibly low Osmolality, and 100% hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

Thus, we set out with a naturopathic physician and our chemists to develop two exclusive and luxurious FDA cleared personal lubricant formulations; Aloe-ahh a silicone-based formula with aloe and vitamin E for healing and soothing, and H2Oh! a natural water-based formula with pure chia extract for amazing hydration. Both formulas are simply “the best”; luxurious, healthy, and non-toxic as they have No parabens, No glycerin, No harsh preservatives, No petrochemicals, No stickiness, No added irritating fragrances, and are 100% hypoallergenic.

So, back to the topic of disruptive innovation,

Hello Pulse… and goodbye messy, cold, and unhygienic tubes and bottles – filled with unhealthy toxic formulations.


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