How to Revamp Your Sex Life During Menopause


Menopause can be an unwelcome guest. Hot flashes, mood swings, hormonal changes that cause physical symptoms like vaginal dryness, painful sex, loss of libido--it’s a daunting thing to face, but luckily, we’re a generation of women taking charge of our health and self-care. That’s why it’s so important to talk about the resources available for women going through menopause and dealing with its after-effects; despite all the chatter about those pesky symptoms and recommendations for easing them, it can be a challenge to find the right resources for your body. Ladies, the straight talk is this: what’s available on the market isn’t always what’s best for your comfort and your health.

September is National Menopause Awareness Month, and it’s a topic near and dear to the Pulse team. Although anyone and everyone can enjoy our products, Pulse was born out of our founder’s desire to significantly improve women’s intimate experiences before, during, and after menopause. We use science, technology, the highest-quality ingredients, and more than a dash of personal passion to make sure all of our products are the absolute best they can be. Consider this your invitation to meet menopause head-on with help from our healthy lubes and luxurious warming dispenser--after all, we’ve done all this research with your comfort in mind!

Necessity is the mother of invention

It all started when our founder Amy Buckalter found herself flabbergasted in the doctor’s office. Surely dryness and uncomfortable sex didn’t have to be the new normal--perimenopause be damned! When her doctor recommended personal lubricants, Amy set out to find the best, only to be disappointed by formulas that smelled like a medicine cabinet or a sickly-sweet candy factory. Furthermore, they didn’t work; the zip, slip, and pleasure of sex was still missing and cold, goopy lubes didn’t exactly add sizzle. With every tacky, heavily fragranced lube that dried out too fast, Amy grew more convinced that the next best lube experience simply didn’t exist--yet.

Inspired by her desire to improve her own perimenopausal sex life, Amy took stock of all the lubes she’d tried and evaluated what had to GO. She wanted a formula that felt plush, slick, and sexy, and it had to be healthy. No more sticky textures or distracting scents, no more mystery ingredients that irritated sensitive tissues...and why not address that other annoyance: the big chill. Surely there was a better way to warm lube without the ridiculous mood-killing steps (swaddling her lubes in hot water bottles, submerging them in warm baths, or turning to so-called “warming” lubes that can cause chemical burning sensations--it wasn’t easy or pretty!).

The Pulse team: women who know what’s what

Amy connected with an impressive roster of doctors, engineers, chemists, and sociologists as part of her quest to create a top-shelf lube. The Pulse team includes Dr. Cindi Buxton, a holistic naturopath who helped develop our healthy lube formulas, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a professor of sociology, renowned relationships expert, and the author of 21 books on love and sex, and Dr. Lilac Miller, an MIT-trained engineer with a superpower for designing sleek, innovative personal care devices. Each woman has helped us tackle top complaints about menopause and sex such as discomfort, pain, vaginal dryness and tissue dehydration, unhealthy lube ingredients, and--ugh--that cold lube factor.

Meet the Pulse products

The results of our research are three solutions designed by women, for women who don’t think menopause should bring their sex lives to a screeching halt: two best-in-market personal lubricants (sold in travel-friendly “Pulse Pods”) and a warming and dispensing device that brings these special lubes to the ideal temperature for comfortable sex.

Aloe-ahh Personal Lubricant: A luxuriously smooth silicone-based lube with soothing aloe and vitamin E. It’s long-lasting, and a great choice for water play or women experiencing extreme dryness because silicone isn’t absorbed by the body or easily washed away with water.

H2Oh! Personal Lubricant: A natural, gentle water-based lubricant with a serious dose of hydration thanks to organic chia seed extract. Unlike other water-based lubes, ours is silky, never sticky, and free of harmful preservatives, parabens, glycerin, and petroleum, some of the top offenders on our list of irritating ingredients.

Pulse Warming Dispenser: It’s been compared to brilliant Apple products, called the Keurig of sex, and has earned a place of honor on many a bedside table. Our lubricant dispenser was designed to be hygienic, automatic, and fun--with a wave of your hand, it dispenses a precisely measured serving of warm lube. It’s smart, too. It lets you know when your lube has reached the right temperature and when it’s time to pop in a replacement Pulse Pod. Plus, if you love mood lighting, it features six color and brightness settings to create the ambiance you desire.

Why people love them
Pulse lubes on their own are healthy, hypoallergenic, gynecologist-recommended, and a huge hit with customers, but when paired with the warming device, they’re simply divine. You see, warm lube is more than a luxury--for women struggling with dryness, discomfort, and pain, it’s almost a necessity! That gentle warmth encourages blood flow to the vaginal tissues, which increases elasticity and production of natural lubrication. This, of course, creates the conditions for wonderfully pleasurable sex.

If the body’s ability to self-lubricate is reduced due to hormones, medication, medical conditions or things simply being not quite what they used to since menopause, our lovely water-based and silicone-based lube formulas pick up where the vagina left off, adding hydration and comfort with none of the inferior ingredients found in cheap drugstore lubes.

How we optimized our products for sophisticated, modern women

We truly believe that when you put the body’s essential needs first (health, safety, gentleness), comfort naturally follows. It’s not just about treating yourself, although a Pulse experience is decadent by design. Much like our customers, our products have an air of sophisticated assurance to them. They’re elegant, discreet, and aligned with your lifestyle--the Pulse Pods that make our lubricants so easy to use on their own or with the warming dispenser are recyclable and feature the same airless pump dispenser found in quality cosmetics, so they’re totally hygienic and mess-free. They fit in a purse with no more fuss than a tube of lipstick. Needless to say, they’re ready for adventure.

Our lubricant recipes, too, are thoughtful. We shop at farmers’ markets for organic food and indulge in natural skincare that makes us feel our best--why lower our standards for safe, high-quality ingredients in the bedroom? It was deeply important to us to create lubricants that were free of questionable ingredients that can damage delicate tissues, so we’re thrilled to share our Pulse Pods with customers who care just as much about their sexual wellness as we do.

Menopause management is in your hands now!

We’re convinced that wellness, comfort, and pleasure go together, and that you really deserve nothing less. It’s truly our pleasure to make products that complement a healthy lifestyle, address issues that can accompany menopause, and inspire levels of intimacy you might have thought were long gone--or never had before!

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