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Give Good Sex And Ye Shall Receive: One Man's Story

Since the beginning of time, no man has been accused of making too much of an effort to keep his partner comfortable during sex. Technically, Adam didn't know Eve until after they were booted from the Garden of Eden; how different the world might be had the pair's first intimacies taken place inside said Garden, where aloe plants were within easy reach. As the First Couple likely learned after a foray into the real world, nature doesn't always grease the skidsat least not without a little effort (and sometimes, a little help).

Truth is, men are task-oriented. We're on a mission to get to the finish line, check those boxes, and complete the job. But I beg you to slow down, fellas: This one's about the journey. About lingering along the trail. About going there, not getting there. Always remember, you are traveling with a partner; and the smoother their trip, the better yours will be, too. So invest in the upgrade and travel in comfort…with patience and love and the wisdom to give as good as you get.

You can go apple picking afterwards.

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