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The Faux Glow

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 how to get the after sex glow

If you can't make it, fake it: with products designed to bring on a blush.

You know how a good roll in the hay brings a flush to your skin and a rosy outlook to your life? Well, like it or not, sometimes the barn door is closed. And that's when the little farmer in you might want to consider painting things red so you at least look like you've been hard at work.

Before you create that faux glow, though, make sure your canvas is perfectly prepped. "For any surface to reflect light brilliantly-from diamonds to skin-it has to be smooth," says NYC dermatologist, Neal Schultz, MD. That means sloughing away dead, flaky skin cells with an exfoliating pad or brush, plus a product containing alpha hydroxy, lactic, or glycolic acid.

Then, time to shop for color-something a little rosy, a little sexy, a little mischievously glistening. You might want to start here….

Powder Blushers and Bronzers…

With a big fluffy brush, sweep these babies on the apples of your cheeks, over the bridge of the nose, and on the forehead for a natural-looking flush.

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush

This long-lasting, finely milled blusher is infused with light-enhancing pigments delivering a lit-from-within glow. It comes in ten seductive shades (like: Quiver, Kinky, Fetish, Score) so finding the perfect match for your complexion is a cinch.

Nars Blush

Long known as the high priestess of cheeky face color, their translucent, natural shades-many accented with a touch of iridescence-are known to flatter most everyone. We love Deep Throat, a peachy glow; Orgasm, a peachy-pink shimmer; and Super Orgasm, peachy pink shade intensified with gold glitter.

Creamy Sticks, Gels, and Lotions…

Using your fingers or the eponymous Beauty Blender (an egg-shaped sponge that's the definitive application tool for makeup these days), press and swipe color at the cheekbones, temples, and across the forehead until you glow from within. (Or, at least, look that way.)

Smashbox O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color

Like a partner who instinctively knows what you want, this magic gel-stocked with Goji Berry-C complex- reacts with your body's own chemistry and transforms from a silky clear formula to the color you would blush in any compromising position.

Nars The Multiple in G-SPOT

A mistake-proof classic that glides over skin, imparting strategic highlights of the most sumptuous peachy-pink. (Bonus: It doubles as lipstick and shadow in a pinch.)

Soap And Glory Glow Job Sunkissed Tinted Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion

This tinted face moisturizer-cum-self tanner boasts Micro Bronzeburst Beads that pop when you massage the product into skin, leaving you with a sheer wash of "I just got some" color.


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