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The Shack Pack

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Wondering what to take for an overnight? No worriesit's in the bag.

Let's do away with the Walk of Shame, shall we? No more carrying extra panties in your handbag. Borrowing toothbrushes. Hauling leaky, oversize tubes of lube in your good Coach purse. And pretending you don't know damn well that you're not sleeping in your own bed tonight.

A much more grown-up strategy: packing a perfectly outfitted bag--or knapsack, satchel, duffel, briefcasewith a few necessities designed to get you through the evening in style and comfort. Here's your (nearly) unisex list…

Mini toiletry bag

Think TSA-approved sizes of the things you absolutely need to get you through a 12-hour sleepover: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, mini bottle of fragrance, any must-have Rx, contact lens solution, condoms, and ibuprofen. (No headaches allowed.)

A change of underwear

Please. (The sexier, the better.)


Have pre-warmed personal lubricant, will travel. You may be the guest, but no reason you can't set the mood and come prepared. If the dispenser itself seems a little presumptuous, pop a Pulse Pod or two into your bag. The 6.7 ML size is cute, convenient, and diminutive enough to slip into a cosmetics case with no one the wiser.  

A hair rescue kit

For some, that might mean a brush. For others, a ponytail elastic and mini hairspray. But waking up with bedheadand staying that waywon't generally net you a repeat invitation.

The day-after outfit

Tip-toeing around in last night's dress and heels and you could miss out on a spontaneous, "Hey, let's go for breakfast!" opportunity. A better bet: tucking a white tee, pair of yoga pants, and sneakers or flip-flops into your bag so you're up for Date 2.0.  



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