Why Warmth Matters


We’re gonna do a little Pulse-splaining about warmth. You see, in our opinion, gently-warmed lubrication is a year-round thing. It could be sweltering outside. It could be snowing.

Because warm lube is simply… Next level. The best way to describe it is like... Well, like taking a nap in the shade, with absolutely nowhere to be and nothing to do, on a warm summer’s day. Think driving a convertible with the top down — and it’s still the perfect temperature. Or maybe it’s like getting into the hot tub when the evening starts to cool down.

Basically, it’s like “ahhh,” in a bottle, and it’s distributed automatically to you. Like ASMR in lube format. Win-win, right?  But that’s just about actual temperature — because Pulse lubricant is a physical heat. The lube is gently warmed from within, using electromagnetic induction.

The thing is, there are other lubes that advertise a warming "sensation" upon contact with skin. But they have everything to do with chemicals, and nothing to do with the good, safe, comfortable, physical heat of Pulse. This heat-sensation technology is called thermoception, and manufacturers concoct said feeling by combining glycerol—a gunky sugar alcohol—with chili peppers. And FYI: that kind of chemical isn’t so easy to wash off. Not fun when that’s the P, the V or the A. But if chemical warmth is really what you want then…for the love of all that is good and horny, do a skin test on the inside of your wrist first.

Then, there’s the warmth that’s about an inviting state of mind — where you feel connected, open and welcoming. Which is how you create intimacy. Which leads to — you guessed it — the best sex ever.

And that’s what it’s all about, right? At least… That’s what Pulse is all about.

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