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If you’re an adult in 2021, you could probably use a massage. Life is stressful. You may be holding tension and not even know it. Massage has a way of helping you reorient -- guiding you into the present moment, aiding the connection with your partner, and nurturing the most important person in your world, YOU. Self-care isn’t selfish! 

Spoil Me’s premium blend of six natural, plant-based oils has a smooth and silky texture designed for effortless glide, the ultimate calming touch. Kick stress to the curb with a dollop of massage oil. You won’t regret it!

Each package contains three or six TSA-friendly, recyclable Pods.

*For gently-warmed, touchless dispensing, use Pods with Pulse (sold separately).

Delivered in TSA-friendly, recyclable Pods, you can easily take Spoil Me on the go without the chance of spills or use them at home along with our Pulse Warming Dispenser. Each 6.7 ml Pod is armed with airless pump technology that lifts with the formula as you pump, eliminating air pockets and contamination.
Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E, Rice Bran Extract, & Jojoba Oil
A formula loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that hydrate and calm sensitive skin.
Convenient & Hygienic
Our fully sealed, airless pump Pods were crafted with your health in mind. Pop the top, pump into your palm, and you're good to go!
No chance of spillage no matter how bumpy the ride.
Smooth Glide
Formulated for a smooth glide leaving skin soft without a greasy residue.
Contains no added perfume or fragrance to accommodate the most sensitive skin.
All Natural Ingredients
Our vegan & gluten-free ingredients moisturize and repair your skin, providing much needed antioxidants and nutrients. Easy to take on the go.

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