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Pulse personal lubricant for women.

We believe there's nothing taboo about touch

VIDEO: Why Pulse

But there is something taboo about living in the past

In an era where...
  • smartphones are works of art
  • toilets have heated seats
  • thermometers take your temperature with a single tap
  • and bracelets track your steps...

We wondered why our nightstand drawers are still hiding archaic tubes of personal lubricant.

Awkward. Uncomfortable. Messy. Startlingly cold.
A buzzkill, if you will.

Best lube for anal or vaginal dryness.

So we decided it was time to step things up and embrace a new lubricant experience

Something sensuous, warm, and comfortable on contact. Delivered via a streamlined, beautifully designed dispenser that's actually worth a second glance. A dispenser, in fact, that could multitask for you—shedding a whole new light on an age-old necessity.

Our team of pros—renowned health, wellness, and relationship experts, sociologists, engineers, and designers—knew a good thing when they heard it, and immediately jumped in to help bring our vision to life.

The result? Pulse: delightfully warm lubricant, uniquely dispensed with a touchless pass of the hand, available in a choice of FDA cleared formulas to suit the individual user.

In short, an experience that's reliable and welcoming every single time.

Knowing there's more to romance than meets the eye, we added a soft, sensual, color-changing mood palette for an enhanced sense of ambience. Just the thing to turn a prelude... into an interlude.

We thought it was a nice touch. We think you will, too.