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Your NEW New Year’s Resolution:
Self Care that embraces love, lube, and vibrant sensuality!

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Why Pulse?

The Pulse Personal Lubricant Warming Dispenser is a smart, sophisticated accessory that enhances the comfort and intimate bliss you deserve.

  • Warming: Warms Pulse’s safe, gentle lube to the perfect temperature, to soothe and elevate your comfort like never before.so you can enjoy the good kind of shivers.
  • Hygienic: Dispenses a perfect serving from the sealed pod to your hand--no more fussing with goop-covered tubes.
  • Sensual: Six sexy light settings and a sleek design add to the irresistibly good vibes.
  • Intelligent: Lets you know when lube is warm (or running low, so you’re not surprised in the heat of the moment).
  • Simple: No caps. No mess. Nothing to squeeze but your lover. Uninterrupted delight is all yours in seconds.

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