Personal Lubricants

Non-toxic lubricants that hydrate and soothe

Natural Water-Base

H2Oh! Personal Lubricant

Pure Chia to hydrate

Best for
Natural, soluble hydration
No sticky, jelly feel
Toys & accessories

Aloe-ahh Personal Lubricant

Aloe + Vitamin E to Soothe

Best for
Extreme dryness
Less friction, longer play
Use in water (shower, bath)

Healthier Alternative

We apply strict standards to our formulations.

No Parabens

No Petrochemicals

No Glycerin

100% Hypoallergenic


Hygienic & Mess Free

No tubes and bottles to harbor bacteria. The same quality airless pump found in high-end cosmetics.

Luxurious Feel

Never a gummy or mucous-y texture. It’s all about a consistent luscious glide.

The Power Couple

Pulse Pods are sublime when used with our Pulse warming dispenser. Expect the ideal temperature and portion every time.


Not All Lubes Are Equal

We never use toxic ingredients common in most personal lubricant brands.

Be aware of….

Propylene Glycol

Has been linked to causing Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), irritation, inflammation, and dry tissues.


A sugar alcohol and can lead to yeast overgrowth. If listed as primary ingredients, can dry you out.

Natural & Organic

These brands may have safer ingredients, but the trade-offs can be an excessive sticky feel and skin-irritating scent.

FDA Cleared

Pulse Pods have been tested for toxicity, vaginal irritation, condom compatibility, and shelf stability.