Smart. Sexy. Go-getter. – Pulse®

Smart. Sexy. Go-getter.
Sound like you, in and out of the bedroom?

Try Pulse’s personal lubricants Aloe-ahh, silicone based with aloe and vitamin E and H2Oh!, natural water-based with pure chia extract, to find the lube that suits YOU.

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Double up or mix and match for the pleasure you deserve.


Why Pulse?

Pleasure made simple

  • Un-fussy, hygienic application
  • Lubricants that soothe and hydrate
  • Sensuality, renewed
  • Effortless intimacy, with a partner or by yourself

Pulse’s hypoallergenic personal lubricants feature powerhouse moisturizing ingredients that are slick, never sticky, and discreet, hygienic packaging. They’re a perfectly luscious way to enhance your sensuality. Buy one, try one for 50% off!