Pulse - Personal Lubricant Warming Dispenser – Pulse®

Healthy, natural, no-fuss lubes that put the “pure” in “pure pleasure.”

Meet Aloe-ahh and H2Oh!, our silicone-based and water-based personal lubricants. Made with natural ingredients like hydrating organic chia extract, soothing aloe, and vitamin E, this is lube you and your body will love. SHOP NOW WATCH VIDEO

Fabulously smooth, never ever sticky. Hello, new favorite lube.

Natural lube with a smooth, spa-like feel? It can be done and, well, we did it! Our best-in-market lube formulas are silky, gentle, and long-lasting: an essential part of your comfort. SHOP NOW

An elegant warming device to elevate your pleasure.

Our innovative, intelligent Pulse warming device automatically dispenses a measured serving of warm lube with each wave of your hand. Because warmth + intimacy = the perfect match. SHOP NOW

Sleek, discreet, travel-friendly: lube for modern love.

Buh-bye, slippery bottles. TTFN, sticky tubes. Our recyclable lube packaging uses airless pump technology for spill-free, germ-free dispensing. SHOP NOW

Experience Pulse: the comfort you deserve.


As Seen In

What We Didn't Put In

What is not in our lubes makes them superior.

No Parabens

No Petrochemicals

No Glycerin

Only We Have Clean Technology

Pulse Pods

Finest grade ingredients with airless pump delivery to eliminate bacteria.

Pulse Warming

An elegant accessory that warms our Pods contamination-free.

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