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Say Hello to Pulse™

The first ever touchless personal lubricant warmer and dispenser.



Pulse personal lubricant pods and warming dispenser is a new way to transform life's most intimate moments.

With a single, touchless pass of the hand, Pulse seamlessly delivers lotions and potions pre-warmed—minus the mess of an outdated tube.

Warms Your Lubricant

Safe, inductive heating technology to soothe and relax.

Hygenic & Clean

Delivered from the sealed pod directly to your hand.


Precisely-measured servings of lubricant every single time.


Small enough to easily tuck away in a nightstand drawer.

Pod Warming Chamber
heats lubricant to an ideal temperature

Light Control
dim or light up the night

Mood Lighting
choose from up to six colors

Hands Free Dispenser
touchless motion sensor

Pulse Lubricant Pods
silicone and water based lubrication

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Hot Off The Press


“…Sex is important. It often requires lubricant. So if Pulse wants to improve the quality of our lubricant, sex’s chief conduit, then who are we to stop them?” 


“It’s a far more elegant affair than reaching over, squeezing a bottle, and rubbing two hands together for a few seconds, maybe breathing on the lube a little.”


“The latest gem in sex tech is Pulse, a personal lube warmer that is motion sensitive, so instead of struggling with that messy, slippery bottle, all you need to do is wave your hand under the sensor.”


“With ‘Pulse’ lube warming and dispensing device, Seattle startup aims to shake up bedroom technology.”


“…a touchless lube machine that’ll heat up and dispense the perfect amount each time.”


“Instead of getting your lube from a tube...this sleek contraption plugs into your wall and heats up little pods of lube before dispensing some of it into your hand the same way you get soap from an automatic machine.”

Pick Your Pod

Pulse Pods deliver the purest lubrication you'll ever get your hands on. Slip them in, change them out, pick your favorite formula...the choice is yours.

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