5 Reasons Why Pulse Belongs in Your Bedroom

So, there have been all sorts of rumors flying around about the Pulse Warmer. And we’re here to say…yes. It’s true. The rumor in question? It’s this: once you go Pulse, you never go back. In fact, if everyone has the Pulse Warmer experience in 2021, we guarantee it’ll be a better year. Because whether it’s water-based lubricant, or silicone-based lubricant, when it’s gently-warmed and totally hygienic, the feeling is heads and shoulders above any other lube experience.

Here’s why:

1. The Pulse Platform is kind of genius

Remember when you ran out and got yourself a Nespresso? Super-convenient, right? Well, the Pulse Warmer was designed to be kind of like that for lube, with interchangeable formulations of lube. Oh, and the lube’s delivery eliminates  contamination. It’s a closed system, which means the lube never sits in any warm, moist places where bacteria might grow. The formulation is never compromised and just patiently waits until you’re ready for a (touchless) serving. Because honestly? Those of us who have sensitive skin need high-end healthy formulations — so you can reinvigorate your sex life.

2. The Pulse Warmer is a game-changer

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: cold lube totally interrupts the moment. But instead of the classic fumble for a tube o’ lube, imagine a Pulse Warmer resting elegantly on your nightstand. Maybe you weren’t anticipating the current love sesh — but no worries; the Pulse Warmer heats quickly (and frankly, is a sleek-looking, modern piece of technology that looks fabulous with all other bedroom decor). Plus, if you have inquisitive kids who like to get into things — or pets with wily tails — the Pulse Warmer has a convenient little lock mechanism.

3. Our Water Lube is the only lube using the power of chia seed extract

H2Oh! is wow-worthy for a variety of reasons — not the least of which is the innovative use of slippery, viscous chia seed extract. We like to call it natural lube, because this Pulse lubrication is safe, gentle, and 100% hypoallergenic, with no harsh chemicals and no fragrance.

4. Aloe-ahhh is a premium silicone formulation

So not only does it hydrate and soothe with Vitamin E and Aloe, this Silicone lubricant is long-lasting, resilient and rides on top of the skin — and doesn’t get absorbed. So it’s ready for all the slippery sex that you want (and deserve, naturally). So if you want to call it the Best Adult Lube out there … we’re not gonna stop you.

5. If you’re feeling like a massage, try Spoil Me

Men of the world, we have a message: your partner knows that your suggestion of giving them a “massage” means you want to “have sex.” Look, we’re not knocking it — we’ll take a massage any day — but … just call it what it is. Luckily, the Pulse Warmer also has Spoil Me: Pulse Pods filled with luxurious, smooth massage oil. A blend of six natural, plant-based oils, Spoil Me can easily be swapped out for Water Lube or Silicone Lube. Because that’s how Pulse rolls. And if you are worried about pod recycling, we have good news: the eco-friendly Pods abide by all recycling regulations.
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