a note from our founder

If there’s a life event that puts you on notice, makes you go hmmmmm, and compels you to whisper “OMG”—all at the same time—it’s midlife and the onset of menopause. I became aware that something was changing when “the faucets” started to turn off, and vaginal dryness brought with it pain and discomfort during sex. Sigh…

My gynecologist explained that this was a sign of perimenopause and would be my “new normal”. So began my use of personal lubricants. I tried many, and found them inconvenient and uncomfortably cold (talk about a mood killer!). I wrapped bottles and tubes in heating pads, submerged them in warm water – anything to reduce the chill.

I also found lubricant formulas to be lacking—they didn’t moisturize, some irritated my most sensitive tissues, they were full of questionable ingredients (who wants petrochemicals and parabens in their hoo-ha?), and most would get sticky and dry out really fast.

I had to ask “Really? Is this it?”.

What I wanted was to restore the warmth, comfort, and “slip” I used to enjoy. Since I couldn’t find what I needed, I set out to create it for women like me. Pulse was born. Moisturizing personal lubricants made with natural ingredients that bring slickness and glide back to intimate experiences - gently warmed, and easily dispensed – that’s what I envisioned Pulse would deliver.

To all the women in the world, here’s to regaining the comfortable and intimate connection that you so deserve.

Amy Buckalter
CEO and Founder, Pulse