5 Relationship Books Couples Swear By

A good relationship is absolutely magical, challenging, eye-opening, and fulfilling. At Pulse, everything that we do revolves around two things: health and comfortable intimacy. Comfortable intimacy means being confident and relaxed. Our version of healthy doesn’t stop at our formulations (but you definitely should check out what’s in our Pods!), it also expands into everything in our lives. Including healthy relationships. 

Whether you want to improve your relationship with yourself, a friend, or a romantic partner, check out our list of five of the most loved relationship books that couples swear by!

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts - “Falling in love is easy. Staying in love—that’s the challenge. How can you keep your relationship fresh and growing amid the demands, conflicts, and just plain boredom of everyday life?” This book dives into the various ways that we all love, and gives couples the tools to honor the unique ways that each partner wants to be loved. This is a great read solo, too! Understanding yourself on a deeper level leads to more intimate relationships with yourself, friends, and (of course!) romantic partners.

Love in Every Season: Understanding the Four Stages of Every Healthy Relationship - The honeymoon phase is amazing, but what do you do when it’s over? This book acknowledges the inevitable ways that healthy relationships ebb and flow, giving readers an inside peek into what to expect as time goes on. It’s written by a licensed professional counselor and is packed with insightful information on what healthy relationships look like over time.

201 Relationship Questions: The Couple's Guide to Building Trust and Emotional Intimacy - we’ve all experienced the awkward silence of sitting across the dinner table from your partner and feeling like you have nothing new to talk about. Rather than commenting on your gnarly work commute yet again, get to know your partner on a deeper level with 201 playful, meaningful, and positive questions. These are intended to be a guide to help you create a more meaningful connection with the people that you love. Dive in! 

I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships - Good communication is the foundation of any lasting relationship, but how good is your communication really? This quick read delivers simple, practical, proven techniques for improving any relationship in your life through one of the most communication skills there is - validation.

A Couple's Love Journal: 52 Weeks to Reignite Your Relationship, Deepen Communication, and Strengthen Your Bond - The secret to a great relationship is to stay emotionally open and connected with each other―year after year. A Couple’s Love Journal makes it easy by providing a shared space for the two of you to explore (and write responses to) deep, thought-provoking questions that deal with your relationship, yourselves, your hopes, and more. Spend the next year getting to know each other even better!

Happy reading!

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