Big Changes: Pulse's Warming Device to the rescue!

It is hard to imagine just how much one decision can change your sex life (and make you smile more) in such a short period of time.

Luckily, Marie from Ohio is the proud owner of the Pulse Warmer, our sleek, self-dispensing lube warmer and she’s here to tell you just how profoundly it impacted her life in and outside the bedroom.

Marie (not real name) is a self-made businesswoman who owns two businesses in Ohio - including a hair salon - and is in the first year of her second marriage. Often balancing her work and personal life has been a challenge.

‘My last marriage wasn’t perfect by any means (which we were both responsible for), so this time I am really trying to do everything I can to make it work.’ 

The problem, as with many entrepreneurs, is that after a long day at work where she is on her feet all day, Marie comes back home exhausted, and has only one thing on her mind to release all the stress built up after a hectic day at work - taking a nap.  

While she wishes she wanted to be interested in sex, it just was not appealing to her.  But she knows how important a fulfilling intimate life is for the health of her marriage.  

Her husband, Shawn (not real name), also owns a local business not far from their home and all he wants to do is lay down and have some time to himself after work.

In the early stages of their marriage and courtship, this couple couldn’t manage 2 days without falling into each other’s arms in an intimate grind and tumble… 

So what changed?

As Marie disclosed to Amy (Pulse’s dynamic founder and CEO)  in one of their phone conversations, she feels as though the stress of work and the recent surge in costs of living were slowly, but surely impacting both her and Shawn.  They are more concerned about money  - feeling they are working harder, but their money is not going as far.

Sure, they aren’t struggling by any means, but the continuous surge in costs continues to make these business owners uncomfortable. 

How did this affect them in the bedroom?

Marie could muster the energy to get in the mood (sort of), but her passion wouldn’t last for very long as she’d start to experience vaginal dryness as Shawn was getting started.

Marie is a woman of action, however, and wanted to find something that made their intimate moments hotter and more enjoyable, while also helping her with the dryness.. She went shopping for lubes.

Working in a salon had its perks in terms of getting information, and Marie was able to get ample input and opinions from her customers/friends.  She tried  all sorts of lubes that had been recommended to her, some of which she liked, and some that she didn’t.  However, the one thing that she couldn’t stand…

Was how cold the lubes were.  

‘One minute we’re going at it, and 5 minutes later, I’m looking for the lube bottle to reapply.  

Only this time, after having the warmth of my partner all over and inside me, applying the cold lube just stopped the moment in its tracks - like a cold shower. 

‘And I didn’t love the fact I had to interrupt the flow of our lovemaking just to get some lube so we could continue.’

You can bet you the chemistry died down pretty dramatically, and more often than not, neither of them felt satisfied.

Marie knew something had to happen. And fast.

Lucky enough for Marie, she happened to meet a Pulse customer at work who told her about a new warming device that she used to warm her lubes, keep them warm, and also keep them in place on her nightstand.

That was all Marie needed to hear, so she went searching on the Pulse site for the warmer. 

How the Pulse Warming Device changed her sex life

“Any time I got home from work, I’d plug the Pulse in by my nightstand and start to prepare for our evening by prepping some dinner or ordering take out in advance.

By the time I was ready and Shawn got home, just the sight of the Pulse sitting on my bedside was enough to turn me on.

The sleek design complimented my desire in every way. It was almost like I could imagine myself as the Pulse; sleek, sexy, and just waiting to be touched.

When we got down to it, and I started getting dry down there, all I had to do was stretch my hand in one fluid motion under the lube and guess what?

Warm, rich, lube-y goodness filled my palms instantly!

I’d then apply and reapply without breaking the momentum.

‘It might not seem like a big deal, but when you’re in a rut or even want something to be better, the Pulse comes through in every way.’

‘I mean every way.”

How the Warming Device affected her life in general

‘Well for one, my anxiety is gone… I know our sexual chemistry is through the roof right now and that gives me a lot of comfort that I’m finally able to take control of my marriage and things are looking good for me. 

Good sex and a hearty meal does a lot for us as a couple and I can visibly notice Shawn getting more and more relaxed and connected to me.’

‘I carry this same enthusiasm and confidence to my workplace, and it’s been awesome so far…so when I reached out to Amy to give a shout out, and she suggested sharing my experience with the Pulse, I was only too glad to share my news!”’

And Amy sent me some delicious Pulse Lubes for FREE (which were an expected treat)!

I guess you can say I’m winning all round now, and it’s all thanks to Pulse (and Amy)!”

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