How I Turned Sex From A To-Do List To A “Let's Do It!”

I’m 36 and have been married 9 years with 3 kids, the last one arriving a year ago. After the birth of our third child, my body went through a series of changes that had an immense effect on our sex life as a couple.

Pregnancy changes you in amazing and complicated ways, and giving birth is a journey.

I know I am older, but it really felt that this pregnancy took more out of me physically and mentally than I could have imagined.

I knew that feeling like myself again would take awhile.

One of the major things that occurred and impacted me was the vaginal dryness I experienced. During the early stages of pregnancy, I found out that I was increasingly dry down there, and it made sex very unpleasant and many times, outright painful.

I did my research and asked my gyno about it and he told me that painful intercourse was not uncommon during pregnancy.  He suggested that we could try changing sex positions or using a lubricant. He assured me that things would go back to normal soon after I delivered.

I had our last child in April, last year, and nearly 6 months later, I was still experiencing dryness. 

In fact….

It got worse.

So I found myself back in the doctor’s office and he suggested  “generous use of lubricants” and to keep him posted ‘on the results’. Of course, he did say that the stress of caring for a baby as well as two other young children in the middle of a pandemic while working from home was not helping me any.  

Don’t take this the wrong way, I wasn’t under any form of pressure from my husband or anyone else for that matter to have sex.

But, after being pregnant for months and undergoing a lot of physical changes, including pregnancy weight which I lost very slowly, 

      I began to crave feeling sensual again.

Like the beautiful 36-year-old woman in her prime that I was.

And so, the search for the perfect lube began, and it was long and arduous. 

It was during an online Google search that I found a product review on the Pulse  Warming Device. It was the elegant, nifty design that instantly caught my eye. Really,  it looked like an Apple product. 

I had never tried warmed lube except for what came out of a tube of K-Y which turned out to have irritating chemicals in it. Oh, that and it was quite cold. So I ordered the Pulse lube warmer (warms lubricants NOT just another “warming lubricant”) plus a 'try-and-see' pod pack of Aloe-Ahh silicon-based lube on an impulse buy. And boy, am I glad I did.

Because now, I feel like myself again - a sexual person

As soon as my husband made contact with my vagina with the warm lube, I couldn't help but moan. We hadn't even started yet and I felt like I had already orgasmed. Lube that is warmed…’where have you been all my life?’ (If you've never tried it, then get some of this right now — you're missing out!).

It’s like this: the lube heated me, but it wasn't like the tingling and irritation of a warming lube. It was physical, golden heat like being swaddled in a warm heated blanket in bed and feeling like you could stay there the rest of your life. Not too hot - just right.

It was the difference between a cold shower and a warm, luxurious soak. Warm and soothing, from the inside out.

My husband could tell something was different, because I went from being quiet to full-blown fog-horn in a flash. Since I'm a sharer, I put some on my hands and it was so blessedly easy to get a handful automatically dispensed without fumbling with a bottle. I went to work on him.

I’m not sure what happened, but sometime between that and a few minutes later, we were going at it, ravenous for one another.

I was hot and every touch felt enhanced, it was exhilarating. I felt like I turned from an overwhelmed mom into a sexual goddess.

Afterwards, we fell asleep in each other's arms in post-coital bliss. Maybe it was because of the warmth, maybe we had spent our energy- but I don’t really care about the reason. It was the best time I had had in a VERY LONG TIME.

You must also know Aloe-Ahh (Pulse’s silicone-based lubricant) is smooth and a little went a longer way than most lubes. And it was amazing.  It didn’t get gummy, didn't leave nasty stains behind on the sheets, and it left my inner folds feeling moisturized. 


If you suffer from dryness, I suggest getting the Aloe-Ahh lube; it contains natural Aloe-vera and other yummy ingredients.

                                 Pulse’s Aloe Ahh Aloe Vera extract lube

At least that’s what happened to me, and I vow to never run out of my new favorite.  It arrives every month in the mail like clockwork.

My husband really enjoyed it too, but what he enjoyed the most was how much I enjoyed it. It has inspired us to find several new ways to experiment with our sexy time. 

If you want to enhance your sexual wellness and enjoyment, then look no further than Pulse.

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