My Self Love Journey Started With Pulse


Pulse has been rocking my world ever since I found the company’s amazing products. I feel like I'm taking care of my body more than ever before.

I had recently ended a draining 21-year marriage and decided to stay single till I sorted my life out.

For the first time in a long time, I can focus on myself and what I need…which is time to recuperate - both body and soul.  So in the spirit of self-care, I went in search of some new intimate products.

First, let’s talk lube; In my experience, there was just one problem with lube (all lubes, really). The lubes I had used in the past never did what they were supposed to; too many bad memories of itchiness and dryness after using cheap grocery store-bought lubes. The effects of the last cheap lube I bought 2 years ago were so bad, it had me making a hasty appointment with my gyno - ultimately swearing off lube altogether.

Historically, I couldn't be comfortable with how other lubes felt. Their gummy consistency put me off, and I didn't enjoy the sticky messes they left on the bottle - or on my sheets. 

I Needed Something That Worked For Me And Didn't Raise The Hairs On My Neck When I Read The Label.

Pulse’s Big Three: 
Aloe-ahh:  Silicone-based based (and 100% edible) for perfect lubrication
Spoil Me: Unscented, luxurious massage oil PERFECT for destressing
H20h!:  Water-based personal lubricant with chia seed extracts. 
Wouldn't you love to try them?

Returning to my search…It was not with a little skepticism that I went online to search for the best personal lubes in the market and there, I stumbled on Pulse’s H20h! on a review site.

The reviews were overwhelmingly positive, and most importantly, H20h! is made with natural chia seed extract and organic ingredients- no gums, no fragrances, no harsh chemicals. I'd take that at any price.

My order came as a package in a lovely package with 6 compact, airless pump Pods- the type that is used in high-end cosmetics.

The moment I applied the lube, I was in heaven. Never had I been so amazed by a product on the first try. H20h! Warmed me right up in a way other lubes hadn't been able to.

Smooth and rich without being goopy. Slippery without feeling filmy. The glide it gave my vibrator was wonderful.  And unlike most water-based lubricants, it didn't dry up quickly and I didn’t have to stop to reapply; a little simply went a long way (a very long way, ahem)


   It Was Perfect. 

I've been able to relax and lean into my sexuality and explore in ways I hadn't up until this point in my life. 

I've never had anything go wrong since I found Pulse’s H2Oh! and I've never had to call up my gyno, blubbering through tears of pain ( I'm sure he's grateful for that😅).

I don't try sex without lube anymore. Why would I?

The one time I was in a bit of a rush and ended up using one of my old lubes, I felt like I was eating a piece of gum stuck under a desk for a year, so it's safe to say I’m on the Pulse team now and forever.

And…I just paired my H2Oh! Pods with Pulse's Lube Warmer which warmed the lube to the perfect, delicious temperature. It Has Been Such A Game Changer!

The Pulse Warmer: The PERFECT way to get the perfect temperature and consistency for your high-end lubes.
Touchless warmer and dispenser.

The Pods are easy to take them with me when I travel and I use them almost every day - when I am home or at an “away game.”

 And if you like to buy from companies who have admirable values, the founder and the whole team is totally focused on the customer experience.  

The company is dedicated to helping people, explore and enhance their sexuality and experience self-love and appreciate their own bodies– so I feel even better getting my products from Pulse

I’ve personally reached out to the founder of Pulse, Amy, to let her know just how much her products have helped me find self love in a time period where most so many fall into depression and self-loathing after a failed marriage and bitter divorce. She got back to me immediately and was so happy about to hear about the joy I got from Pulse

This is a company and these are products I can see myself sticking with.

What can I say? I love Pulse.

Shop Pulse Now. Shop comfort. Shop pleasure

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