Here’s why the Pulse Warming Dispenser is what’s called a “closed” system (you’ll be SO excited — trust us)

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We at Pulse would like to propose an addendum to the way we talk about safe sex. We are 100% for condoms and other barriers, and getting frequently tested for STIs. But in our humble opinion, safety has to include the lotions, lubes and other personal care products we put on, in or around literally the most delicate skin on our bodies: the mucous membranes. Which is why we made sure that the Pulse Warming Dispenser is a closed system.

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Wait, what is a mucous membrane? Really quick: It’s the membrane that lines various cavities in the body. Yes, like the anus, the vagina and the urethra. And your nose. And your eyeballs and earholes. And your mouth. Mucous membranes stop pathogens from entering the body, and (hopefully) prevent things from getting dehydrated (which is where we come in — but that’s another blog post for another day). 

Would you put something bacteria-laden in your mouth? No? How about your eyeball? No?

How about your vagina? No? Exactly. Your lube needs to be bacteria-free.

At Pulse, keeping things clean has been front of mind since the beginning — after all, comfortably warmed lubrication is our business. It’s a given: when you’re applying lubrication to literally the most delicate skin on your body, it has to be clean.

So when we set out to design a beautiful, modern product that could deliver a serving of perfectly-heated lube — aka, the Pulse Warming Dispenser — the goal was to create a dramatically more comfortable and convenient experience, without contamination. Sexy, yet hygienic. But not sexy for germs. Because you know what’s sexy to bacteria and yeast? A warm, dark, wet place with air. 

That’s why it was so essential that we created a “closed system.”

Here’s what that means:

- The Pod is designed to be like a puzzle piece for the Dispenser — fitting precisely upon insertion (Editor’s note: We know, we know. “insertion” is a bit much for a blog piece about lube. But…it really is the best way to describe what happens.) AND. This is important: the puzzle pieces are intelligently paired. The warmth occurs via an invisible electromagnetic connection between the Dispenser, and the Pod. Science is magical, right? Anyway, it means the lube is safely warmed from within.  

- The Pods use airless pump technology — so there’s no air contact with the lube itself, preserving the formulation’s integrity. (Just think of the crust that builds up on a regular bottle of lube. Ok, actually, don’t think about it. So sorry. Moving on.)

- Both of these factors mean the formulation always stays inside the (recyclable) pod, until you’re ready for a serving.

 - And of course, the dispenser is touchless! Via automatic motion sensors. Science is magical, part two! A special linear motor starts up and provides just the right amount of pressure to the external surface of the Pod.  Clean lube is released directly from the hygienic Pod into your waiting hand in just the right amount — without contact with the warming or dispensing mechanisms of the Pulse device.

That’s what a closed system is: hygienic. The lube goes straight from the Pod’s “chamber” to your hand, without the possibility of contamination. Bonus: the Pod chamber stays clean and dry – so you can interchange your Pulse Pod formulations at a moment’s notice, without any un-sexy bacteria entering the equation. 

An open system, on the other hand, would be like pouring your lube from a container into another container, where it’s then warmed, and dispensed, kind of like those automatic kitchen soap dispensers. That’s basically like a bacteria sex party waiting to happen! Just think about your one-cup coffee maker — a machine with coffee grounds, a water reservoir and an outlet where it all comes out. A warm, wet, dark place: that sounds suspiciously like a germ’s favorite place to get sexy and breed, right? Right. Germs don’t belong in your coffee — and they don’t belong in your lube, either.

So, if you want a safe, bacteria-free lube that’s warmed to the perfect “Ahhhhh” temp, you want a closed system — and the Pulse Warming Dispenser is exactly that. And if you think your lube dispenser is an open system, just take a second to compare yours to a soap dispenser or one-cup coffee maker. If the similarities are there…you might wanna flush yours out with some vinegar or something.

Anyway. Yes, friends. It’s true. It is indeed possible to have even safer sex than you’re already having. And we’re thrilled to help you make that happen.

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