The Ultimate Self Care Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

If you haven't already gathered, self care is kind of our thing here at Pulse. You know the saying you can't pour from an empty cup? That's both the inspiration behind what we do everyday and the thought behind this gift guide. We are nothing if not consistent!
Below are some of our favorite treats for taking care of ourselves. The best part? This gift guide isn't holiday specific! These treats make great gifts for the loved ones in your life all the time, but also for yourself. Besides, shouldn't you count yourself as one of your loved ones?
1.  A cozy lounge bra - Nobody wants to wear underwire at home! We love TomboyX and their focus on creating products, as they say, for any body. 
2. Chic candle holders in an array of colors - Self care and candles go hand-in-hand. We love incorporating candles into decor. They instantly make everything feel cozier.
3. Upgraded notebooks - Remember how cathartic it was to pour your heart into the pages of your diary back in your teens? That feeling doesn't go away. Put your phone down and connect with yourself in the pages of a cute journal. Once you've filled it, look back at all of your wisdom!
4. Luxurious bath bombs - Bath bombs are like a bubble bath for grown-ups, but better. We love using bath bombs with an Epsom-salt base to relieve inflammation. It feels SO good!
5. Hemp-infused intimacy products - Our friends at Heylo have created thoughtful intimacy products using hemp-derived compounds like CBD. What does this have to do with self-care? You can use them solo. *wink wink*
6. Silky massage oil - Our Spoil Me massage oil is the hydrating and silky sidekick that your friend needs. A few minutes of self-massage each day can help you improve your relationship with your body, relax muscle tension, and chill out. Yes, please!
7. The perfect sleep mask - Also ideal for avoiding social interactions on airplanes. 
8. Sweetly scented candles - This candle smells like a dreamy yoga class. We can't get enough!
9. Affirmation cards - Affirmation cards are a quick, joyful way to practice mindfulness. We love the prompts in these Affirmators - they always make us smile. 
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