Pulse Troubleshooting Guide

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I have received damaged or incorrect products. What should I do?
Please call Customer Care at (206) 402-3220 or email us at customercare@lovemypulse.com.

How long is the warranty on my Pulse?
Two years. Pulse Pods are not covered under warranty. For more information about your Warranty please reference our Warranty page.

My Pulse does not work correctly. How can I repair it?
Unfortunately, Pulse units cannot be repaired at home without voiding your warranty. Please call Customer Care at (206) 402-3220 with your Pulse in hand so we can troubleshoot and see if we can get Pulse working for you. If we are unable to resolve the issue over the phone, and your Pulse is covered under warranty, we will replace your Pulse at no charge to you.

My Pulse Pods were leaking when I received them, what should I do?
Please call Customer Care at (206) 402-3220 or email us at CustomerCare@lovemypulse.com.

The Pulse warming unit will not turn on when the power control is pressed?Make sure power supply is fully plugged into your Pulse and a working electrical outlet.

My Pulse Pod chamber door is not opening?
The Pulse Pod chamber should always open even if not powered up. Please call our Customer Care number and make sure to have your Pulse with you when you call so we can troubleshoot.

My Pulse Pod Chamber door is not closing?
Was the cap removed from the Pulse Pod? If not, please remove the cap and try again. Also, make sure the Pulse Pod is inserted correctly with the nozzle facing down and the prongs aligned correctly. A small amount of pressure may need to be applied to the Pod to get it to slide fully into the chamber.

Why is there no lubrication being dispensed from my Pulse?
The Pulse maybe locked, a locked Pulse doesn’t allow any lubrication to be dispensed. If your Pulse is locked and you press the control button, the light will flash blue three times. To unlock your Pulse, hold the Power Control button down for three seconds. This will unlock the Pulse so lubricant can be dispensed. It may also mean that the Pulse Pod may contain an insufficient amount of lubricant; and the red indicator light that tells you when the Pulse Pod is empty should be on. Try inserting a new Pulse Pod.

Why is my Pulse not dispensing the appropriate amount of lubricant?
If you use a partially filled Pulse Pod the first dispensed amount maybe inconsistent compared with the rest of the servings. Inconsistency will not happen with a full Pulse Pod.

Why am I seeing a flashing red mood light, and how do I fix it?
Simple: Just unplug your Pulse and plug it back in. The error light will go off; warming and dispensing functions will automatically reengage. If you encounter further issues or have any questions, always feel free to contact Pulse customer care at (206) 402.3617. You will always receive a warm welcome.

When I power on my Pulse, the light immediately is solid white and not pulsing – why?
Your Pulse is in a room that is too warm to allow us to heat your pod. You can still dispense but you will need to move to a cooler environment for the warming function to work.

Can I adjust the temperature of the dispense?
We have selected our ideal temperature for the initial warming setting, but know that you may have a different ideal set point. If you feel it is too hot on initial dispense, just dispense 3-4 minutes after turning on the warmer for a cooler experience. If you feel it is too cold on initial dispense, wait 30 seconds to a minute after your unit stops pulsing to take your first serving at a warmer temperature.