Who We Are

AMY BUCKALTER CEO and Founder, aka "The Pilot" As the visionary behind Pulse, Amy brings with her more than three decades of expertise in consumer products, having held top leadership positions at Nike, K2 Sports, and Burton Snowboards. An inspiring trailblazer and brand growth strategist, Amy is completely energized by dreaming up a first to market revolutionary idea—Pulse!—and bringing together a high-performance team of aces to help take her "baby" from concept to reality. What Amy's doing when she's not working on Pulse: "I'm working on Pulse." Lilac Muller, Ph.D. LILAC MULLER, Ph.D aka "The Rocket Scientist" This MIT-trained product strategist began her career at NASA (we weren't kidding about the rocket science thing), then segued into medical devices and electronics, where she eventually became a powerhouse in the development of the Clarisonic brand. Lilac merges state-of-the-art technology with the needs of consumers in the personal care space—plus, she's a wicked-smart engineer who keeps us on our toes with her sharp eye for every detail of Pulse product development. What Lilac's doing when she's not working on Pulse: "I'm busy working as chauffeur and shopping assistant (read: credit card holder) for my 13-year-old daughter." Ken Pilcher KEN PILCHER aka "The Tinkerer" Pulse just wouldn't be Pulse without two NASA scientists on board: Ken worked on avionics for the Space Shuttle, then brought his technical expertise and electrical engineering background to the world of consumer healthcare, pioneering the invention of the Sonicare toothbrush and the iconic Clarisonic skin care device. The kind of guy who happily reads patents cover to cover, Ken is a deep thinker and innovator, lending unparalleled scientific experience and business acumen to every nuance of the Pulse brand. What Ken's doing when he's not working on Pulse: "Playing on Whidbey Island with my favorite toys… my tractor, my chain saw, and my dad's '52 Chevy pickup." Cindi Buxton, N.D., Lac CINDI BUXTON, N.D., LAc aka "The Healer" Gentle, holistic, and empowering only begin to sum up the comprehensive approach to wellness that Cindi brings to her naturopathic practice—and to her role at Pulse, where she works alongside chemists and compounders to create the safest, healthiest, most precise formulas for our Pulse customers. What's more, this Bastyr University-trained physician has an exceptional knack for finding nurturing solutions to any women's health issue. And, believe us, we bring her plenty of puzzles. What Cindi's doing when she's not working on Pulse: "I'm watching bees at work in the garden or dancing in the kitchen with my honey." Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D. PEPPER SCHWARTZ, Ph.D. aka "Dr. Love" Yes, she's a hugely popular professor of sociology at the University of Washington. Yes, she's authored some 21 books on interpersonal relationships. And yes, she's a therapist on the A&E Network's hit show Married at First Sight. But Pepper is perhaps best known for her straight-shooting, no-holds-barred, compelling, and inspiring sex advice… the kind that takes the stigma off everyone's favorite taboo subject. The kind, in fact, that we love here at Pulse, where intimacy tops our list of life's most important pleasures. What Pepper's doing when she's not working on Pulse: "I'm trying to help people marry a stranger on national TV." Robin Avni ROBIN AVNI aka "The Voice of Reason" Assistant professor of design at Cornish College of the Arts, and a former Group Design Manager at Microsoft Corporation where she worked on several high-profile products during her eight-year tenure. Robin is a cultural zeitgeist expert—bridging visual communication, consumer research, and design strategy with cutting-edge digital media. In short, she's an "intellectual brain talent" (yes, our words) who knows exactly how to show off all the Pulse bells and whistles… and keeps our creative team brilliantly on track. What Robin's doing when she's not working on Pulse: "I'm listening to Tom Jones' Greatest Hits." Gordon Cohen, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A. GORDON COHEN, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A. aka "The Futurist" With a prestigious career as a pediatric cardiac surgeon at some of the country's most respected hospitals, Gordon—also co-founder of a health care start-up—lends a unique perspective to the Pulse team. His dual expertise in medicine and business propels us toward innovative expansion ("I'm always thinking of the next idea")… with a consistent, eagle eye on the health and wellness of our customers. What Gordon's doing when he's not working on Pulse: "I'm trying to stay young, working out five days a week, eating a strict diet… and sneaking in some really good wine. (Shhhh!!!)"