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We believe there's nothing taboo about touch... But there is something taboo about living in the past... In an era where... smartphones are works of art, toilets have heated seats, thermometers take your temperature with a single tap, and bracelets track your steps... We wondered why our nightstand drawers are still hiding archaic tubes of personal lubricant.
Pulse personal lubricant for women.
Lube for women, men, and couples.

100 years later and you're still using that messy, shivery tube of lube?

It's time for a change…
PulseTM Personal Lubricant Warmer and Dispenser

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Out with the Cold and in with the New!

Lube for women, men, and couples. old: Cold
Lube for women, men, and couples. new: Warm
Lube for women, men, and couples. out: Unhygenic
Lube for women, men, and couples. in: Clean
Lube for women, men, and couples. archaic: Inconvenient
Lube for women, men, and couples. modern: Touchless
Lube for women, men, and couples. past: Messy
Lube for women, men, and couples. now: Precise
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Do you know what’s in your (current) lube?
If not, it’s time to take a look at the label.


Preservatives (banned in Europe) that can mimic estrogen, increasing risk of breast cancer. The big no-no’s: methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben.


A.K.A., propylene glycol—the same stuff used in anti-freeze.


Large quantities of Glycerin can damage vaginal cells, making you susceptible to yeast infections and STD’s. Learn more...

Harsh Preservatives

May irritate vaginal tissues, causing allergic reactions such as itching, burning, and redness. Major troublemakers: chlorhexadine and sodium hydroxide.


Aloe-ahh Silicone-Based Lubricant

Super-slip formula sourced from the highest-grade silicone, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

Vitamin E
- Relieves vaginal dryness
- Reduces pain of intercourse
- Helps promote healing of torn or irritated tissues
- Soothing and softening to skin and mucosal tissues

Aloe Vera leaf extract
- Anti-inflammatory and protects tissues against irritants
- Effective for promoting wound healing

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H2Oh! Water-Based Lubricant

Purified water and natural, petroleum-free humectants protect delicate tissues from dehydration.

Naturally derived ingredients
- Long lasting unlike most commercial lubricants that dry out quickly.
- Unlike lubes with petroleum or glycerin, our natural ingredients create an effect similar to a woman’s own lubrication.

Chia Seed extract*
- Provides increased slickness and glide.
- Naturally retains water, giving the lubricant a wonderful silky feel.

More reasons we're excited about our water-based lubricant...

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* Less than .01% Glycerin used only for the extraction of the Chia gum.